LED Floodlights

LED Flood Lights

We have a large selection of High quality LED flood lights. These flood lights are great for home or business security and provide brilliant coverage with the entry level 10W flood light giving off roughly 900 luman. Most homes these days have some type of exterior light such as a Flood Light or Bulkhead Light. Flood Lights are usually fitted with a 250 watt to 500 watt halogen, whilst Bulkhead Lights do not really produce a useful light but they still draw around 60 watts.

The latest technology has been employed in our LED Flood Lights.

Our Flood Lights draw at least 80% less power with a lifetime of around 35,000 hours. This means you can leave them running for 8 times longer and use the same power as halogens, or if you use them for the same time you will reduce your power consumption and electricity bill by 80%.


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